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Artist Statement

In my practise I explore the properties of materials I work with, mainly oil paint and real gesso. I work like an alchemist letting the material show me its properties and then deciding what it could be applied to, I experiment heavily with by changing certain ratios while making to give me different desired qualities. The material I keep experimenting with currently is real gesso to help me control the cracking through different additives and thickness of the applied layers. Different ingredients also effect the absorbency of the surface which will change the final look. My previous work allowed me to learn about varnishes which I mix with pigments and apply in layers. All these things come together to form different textures and finishes with the same materials, allowing me to change the feeling of the paintings not only using colours. I like to work on bigger scale to show the organic nature of the paintings that remind me of alien landscapes when lying flat. To create a variety of marks I use penalty of tools, even golf balls. This chaotic process breathes a lot of energy into my surfaces, making each painting unique as the composition is decided upon while I’m applying it.


The inspiration behind my paintings comes a lot from abstract expressionism. I really enjoy the variety of marks and the organic looks of the work during that time. The colours are heavily influenced by colour field painting especially Helen Frankenthaler’s work. I like the gentle variation in the large areas of colours as they add a lot of depth to the painting. The layering of colour is inspired by Maria Lalić, although not like her I use multiple pigments for a single layer to build up colours quicker. Lastly, Jason Martin had a great influence over the large monochrome surfaces, even though his work has a much different feeling to mine.  



Bath Spa University (2017-2021)

MA Fine Art (2020-2021)

BA (Hons) Fine Art (2017-2020)

West Herts College (2016-2017):      

Level 3 Art Foundation Diploma

St. Dominic’s Sixth Form College (2014-2016):

A-levels: Art, Design, Polish, Maths, Physics

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